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Product Details


SelfieXpressions provides world class interactive fun for any occasion. Our Mirror Photo Booth features advanced, innovative technology that will keep your guests happy, engaged, and excited for hours!

SelfieXpressions Mirror Booth is sleek, modern and totally redefine everything you ever thought photo booths could be! This state-of-the-art technology combined with a classic, elegant full length touchscreen mirror creates an interactive experience that everyone will enjoy!

Perfect for intimate venues and brand activations where space is at a premium, our Social Selfie Kiosk packs a punch and delivers on all fronts. All eyes will be drawn to the ring of light surrounding the Kiosk interface and from the moment they step to the light, the fun begins.

We can create custom animations and personalized graphics that enhance and personalize the experience, giving users so much more than just a selfie. And with the option to create Boomerangs and GIFs, the hardest part will be getting your guests to step away from the light and let someone else have fun in front of the Kiosk.

We also help you ride the social media wave with the option to share all content straight to social media as well as via email and text. Brands and businesses love using the Kiosk as it can be fully customized. The touchscreen interface, the back of the face plate, and even the stand can be fully branded with your company logo, event hashtag, or image of your choice. Get in touch and use the Social Selfie Kiosk to give your guests the time of their lives.


Here are just a few of the fabulous things the SelfieXpressions photo booths offer:


  • High quality printed photos

  • Unlimited digital images by email

  • Creative aspects with emoji stamps & neon signature features

  • Touchscreen games

  • GIF creation

  • Social media sharing

  • Video recording and messaging

  • Vast selection of animation, with custom animation options available


Guests will enjoy the many basic features and attributes of the SelfieXpression mirror photo booth!  There's plenty of options, and add-ons including customized themes, backdrops, and even animation to highlight your special day!

Whatever the occasion, our staff is excited to help you have an amazing event!

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